So many things to make but there is a season for everything. Our seasonal flavors begin with the fresh strawberry pie beginning in March or April depending on the local berries. These pies are made with 3 pounds of delicious, ripe, juicy berries mixed with our Farmhouse strawberry glaze to preserve freshness. The fruit is place in one of our handmade pie shells and then topped with whip cream.

Next comes Summer, and the fresh peach pie made in the same manner as the fresh strawberry. When these pies come from the kitchen to the pie case customers can’t help but “OOOO and AAHH”. Along with making the pies of summer is our fresh salsa. We don’t start making our salsa until the vine ripe tomatoes enter the store. We chop tomatoes, cilantro, onions, peppers, garlic, add a little salt and pepper and dig in with the chips.

Fall brings the flavors of autumn, one of those are caramel apples. This gooey treat is made in our big pot with butter, brown sugar, milk, corn syrup, vanilla and a touch of salt. We cook it to perfection and then dip sweet, crunchy and juicy Fuji apples into the caramel to serve plain or with a topping.

The Holidays conjure many specialties like pecan, pumpkin and, mincemeat pies, frosted sugar cookies, cranberry chutney and our very special Uncle Morris’s Fruitcake. Once you have enjoyed a bit of Uncle Morris fruitcake the ugly rumor of this holiday tradition will surely be put to rest. Our fruitcake is full of pecan and walnut half’s, premium candied fruit, golden raisins soaked in sherry and the batter is rich with butter, sherry, rum and fresh eggs. There’s “No” strange spices added to this fruitcake… it is 100% Yummy and addicting once it’s given a try.