Some businesses attain success by finding a niche and filling it. Others go for the shotgun effect and spread out into all types of endeavors. And then there’s Stephens Farmhouse on Highway 99 south of Yuba City.

Area residents know them for their delicious pies and other tasty goodies, but what most people don’t know is how husband-and-wife owners Jeff and Cherie Stephens have branched out around their core food business.

“Business is ‘evolutional,'” Cherie Stephens said. “If you’re going to be around for a long period, you have to change with the times. This business started as a fruit stand and now it’s a lot more than that. We do some catering and make dog treats. We also have our specialty-labeled jams for Tahoe, Yosemite and Sunsweet as well as sell organic peaches for Gerber baby food.”

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